Congratulations to Lamiya Muhameid for her winning design!

Lamiya is a student at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.  As part of her submission, she wrote: “As technology advances, innovators, engineers, and scientists tend to forget the foundation on where it all begins. This logo is a simple representation of daily things that many people use literally (and figuratively) when making a discovery through the STEM field. For example, the magnifying glass represents critical thinking while the gadget represents innovation. Rulers represent precision and the graph represents data written or jot down to keep progress. Lastly there’s the cell, at school we learned that cells are the basic unit of life and it defines our very existence in this world. These small things put together represent not just our future, but our past and present as well, therefore, making this logo not only significant, but hold a very strong meaning while STEM grows in the future.”

Lamiya Muhameid

We look forward to using Lamiya’s logo to promote the work of  the Metro North STEM Network!