I had the opportunity to participate in the Everett High Resilient Coders Training Program. Two weeks into the 10-week training I actually began writing code.

To be honest with you, I would have never thought that I would be as confused by computers as I had been in the training. Though this experience was fast-paced and difficult, I have been made not only a stronger student with such valuable and important skills for our world today, but also a better person through the experiences that are shared with my peers. We learned to code through many different ways: through our instructor, and of course through Google.  But the most important way we learned was from each other. Through our life experiences and our mistakes we became stronger as a unit. We learned to communicate and collaborate as a team.

Having this opportunity as a teenager has been critical in my formation as an adult. It has prepared me for my future as this skillset will apply no matter which career I choose. I am prepared.

–Rothsaida Sylvaince, Everett High Junior

MassHire Metro North Workforce Board Press Release:

Everett High School Coding Students Complete Training Program, Ready for Success

Cambridge, MA May 17, 2019 – On May 13, 2019 Everett High School Coding students graduated proudly in front of family, friends, school, and city officials as well as legislators and other key supporters. The 10-week Everett High Resilient Coders Training Program* successfully trained 19 students in HTML, CSS, and Java Script to gain initial skills in web design, web development and trouble-shooting. The diverse cohort also participated in Signal Success Tech Curriculum workshops focused on employability skills and personal growth to prepare them further for today’s workforce.

Coding graduate Jere Pelletier, Jr. stated in his speech, “When I first began this program I thought coding was fifty percent 1s and 0s and the other fifty percent magic. But it was a much easier concept than that…my eyes were opened to this field”. In his speech, Ahmed Alananzeh drove home the point about for students’ exposure to college and career opportunities as a key factor for growth. Tacha Vixama was excited to have had this opportunity and determined not to let any barriers stand in the way of her growth.  Parents couldn’t have been prouder, commenting on how their child has a new sense of purpose and direction.

Resilient Coders Instructor Emilio Murillo worked closely with students and was impressed by the natural tech talents of many the high schoolers. He continues encouraging everyone to practice their skills, learn more, and take advantage of every opportunity to advance their education. Highlights of the event included networking and “Demo Day”, where Coding graduates displayed their projects featuring replicated Instagram and Snapchat posts, and personal websites. Congratulations all! Now on to interviews!

*The Everett High Resilient Coders Training Program is made possible through a state funded YouthWorks grant, administered by Commonwealth Corporation. This program is overseen by MassHire Metro North Workforce Board, in partnership with Everett High School, the City of Everett, and Resilient Coders. ###